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Miami Attractions and Events: There is more to Miami-Dade county than some of the most beautiful urban beaches in the world such as great fishing, lush gardens, and fantastic art that is showcased in the world famous Coconut Grove Art Festival.

Miami-Dade Nightlife, Clubs and Restaurants: Miami-Dade is renowned for its restaurants, but to round out the evening rock-out with a local band or at a music venue.

Miami-Dade Travel: Here you will find all your travel needs from hotels to yacht charters and local traffic reports including airline arrival and departure schedules.

Miami-Dade Government: We all have an opinion about Miami-Dade government, but if you have to negotiate it, start here.

Nowhere else in the U.S. of A. can you find "life in the tropics" like Miami-Dade County. Some say this vida tropical is the future of our nation. This might be so, but it's hard to imagine finding a Miami Moment anywhere else.

You need go no further than the local news wires at the bottom to see what we mean. What they don't capture is the magic: the softness of the light at dusk or what it's like to snorkel in Biscayne Bay or eat a sumptuous meal at water's edge.

Whether you are from out of town or call South Florida home this website can help you unlock Miami-Dade's secrets. Meet someone. Go on a cruise. Rent a limousine. Go out to dinner. Send flowers. Get a tattoo. Find a hotel. Learn how the system works. We hope that whatever you are looking for MiamiDade.com will help facilitate the journey.

Web Miami-Dade.com

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